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What to do when you go on holiday

Even the most responsible dog owner needs their dog minded from time to time. When going overseas or flying interstate, it may be much less stressful for your dog to stay settled with a caring sitter, rather than braving the luggage compartment under a plane.

Finding the right care might seem daunting at first, but there is more support out there than you may think.

Boarding Kennels

Make sure you visit the kennel in person before you decide to leave your dog there. Kennels vary in quality, and you want to make sure that the facilities are clean and comfortable, and that your dog will be exercised sufficiently.

Friends and family

When choosing a friend or family member to look after your dog, think it over carefully. Ask yourself, does your friend have a secure backyard? Will they be able to exercise your dog every day? Are there other dogs on your friend's property? Has your friend had previous experience with dogs?

Make sure your friend is clear on feeding, training and grooming so your dog and your friend get the best out of their time together.

Professional pet-sitter

For a more personalised experience for your dog while you're away, you could try a professional pet-sitter. Make sure you check their references thoroughly, and meet them in person before you agree to anything.

Some pet-sitters will also house-sit, solving two problems in one.